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Black Kettle Tuesdays!

In case you all haven’t seen, we do a weekly video series on our Youtube Channel called Black Kettle Tuesdays! Head on over there for all things us! We’re writing a new EP right now, but we still make videos all the time :)
Keeley & Kailynn


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New Video!

Hello friends! Check out our new music video for “Radar Detector” by Darwin Deez! Totally featuring our dog dressed up.. nbd.

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Blog & Press Love

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing just peachy! Just wanted to compile all of the blog and press write ups we’ve gotten thus far in one neat little place.

EP Review in the newest PRINT edition of LA Deli magazine!

Full PDF Here

The Deli Magainze “Black Kettle Steams up with Paint the Town Video Premier”

CD on Songs “Black Kettle: Paint the Town”

Boston Band Crush “Video Crush: Spineless”

The Daily Unsigned: Black Kettle

The Deli Magazine: “Black Kettle at SXSW”

See you all this weekend (5/15) at our show in Hollywood @ The Viper Room! Tickets are cheaper ($10) before hand if you buy directly from us! Email loveblackkettle@gmail.com for info.. We play at 9pm! See you then :)



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Black Kettle at SXSW 2011

Hello Black Kettle family! We’re finally back and mostly caught up on sleep from our insane SXSW excursion.

This year, we booked 6 shows in Austin and threw all of our musical gear, PB&J makin’s & our puppy, Monkey in a little Honda Civic to make the drive from Los Angeles to Austin, TX.

You could say we’re both EXPERTS at Walmart parking lot sleeping. A glamorous life, we lead.

We were so happy to see our good friends from Boston/LA including (but not limited to) Sawyer Stolz, Ali McGinley, Sara Houser, The Blue Pages, Julia Easterlin, Hell and Lula, King Orchid, Emily Elbert, Viper Creek Club, All the peeps at $2 Shows, Slang Chickens, Visions, Art Decade, Super Volcano, Rabbits Running and many many more..

Here are some pictures from our adventure! Thanks to everyone for coming out and listening to our sets

Berklee Official SXSW showcase at Friend’s on 6th St. (Photo Credit: Kelly Davidson)


A beautiful backyard in Austin for the $2 show

Monkey Hamming it up on 6th streetĀ (Photo Credit: Kelly Davidson)

Austin Museum of Art Boston Band Showcase

AMOA show presented by G HouseĀ (Photo Credit: Jasmine Safaeian)

Next on the BK agenda is a show at the Viper Room May 15th with FULL BAND & 2 new music video releases :)


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Featured artist of the day on www.dailyunsigned.com!

Just wanted to share the link for a great write up we just got from the nice folks at www.dailyunsigned.com



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Black Kettle wins Deli Magazine’s LA Artist of the Month!

Hey guys! Just wanted to give a quick little update about some exciting new in the world of BK!

Deli Magazine LA has chosen us as LA Artist of the Month! They put a poll up on their site for a week and we ended up winning with 44% of the vote! The other bands were spectacular as well, so glad to have shared that list with them :)

Sooo, check it out! We’ll be featured on their website for the next month or so!

ALSO: we’re leaving to drive to Austin for SXSW 2011 this coming Sunday! We couldn’t be more excited to reconnect with old friends and make many new ones during that magical week! Our confirmed dates are to your right —–>


We promise LOTS of video & pictures & fun thinnngs! Much love and thank you to everyone who voted for us!

<3 Keeley

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