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Welcome to Black Kettle Music!

Black Kettle is an indie rock band without the indie side effects; they’re just like two of your best girl friends that make completely unpretentious alternative pop. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to tap your foot and smile at a stranger. Originally from Boston, these songwriters joined forces in 2008 and have migrated to Los Angeles where they perform weekly- on their YouTube channel. These weekly releases, called Black Kettle Tuesdays, allow them to stay in touch with their friends and fans on a new and intimate level. Once one of Boston Phoenix’s “Top Five Local Bands” to watch in 2010, to LA Deli’s Artist of the month- they still believe the most coveted title of all is simply a place on your “feel good” play list.
Don’t let these happy sounding tunes fool you- its about more than just falling in and out of love.

“Black Kettle brims with oodles of potential, purveying sunny pop songs that are distinguished by cheery, ultra-femme harmonies by Kailynn West and Keeley Bumford” – LA Weekly

“Fans of Tegan & Sara or Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis would do well to take a flier on Black Kettle’s Narrative. Superbly self-produced… you’ll have these melodies bouncing around in your head for days.” -AbsolutePunk.net

“As songwriters and composers, Black Kettle has a knack for only picking the best notes for their melodies; like someone who can go shopping and pick the best produce without even seeming to try. Black Kettle makes it look easy, they make it sound easy and as a result, it is very easy to like this thing. You might even like-like it.” – C.D. on Songs

“Black Kettle makes sunny pop/folk songs that will appeal to fans of The Icicles and similarly minded bands, but Black Kettle somehow has more teeth, more soul.” -Boston Band Crush